I am excited to offer a range of children’s and young people’s workshops for both Primary and Secondary schools in South Wales and the West of England. I have worked as a Creative Practitioner as part of Arts Council Wales’ Lead Creative Schools programme in a number of schools across Wales.

Using a pupil-led approach, the participants work collaboratively in order to take lead on a range of creative projects. Along with tying into the curriculum, the workshops also encourage the participants to challenge their creative thinking and develop specialist skills such as model making, prop making, scenic art and design in a fun and encouraging environment.

Examples of themes can be explored below:



There is a timer…. There is darkness…. There are clues, symbols and puzzles…. Can your group solve the mystery before it is too late?

Escape Room workshops range from team building exercises that involve solving interactive and thrilling Escape Room tasks, to designing and creating your own Escape Room puzzles and tasks.

Suitable for KS2 - KS4.

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Imagine a world - what does it look like? What characters live in it? What is special about this world?

Using a range of recycled materials, these highly practical and tactile workshops explore character and space. Participants are encouraged to think imaginatively to collaboratively to create worlds full of stories.

Suitable and adaptable for all ages 4+.

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A three-headed dragon? A rainbow rabbit? A golden unicorn?

Create your own mask design of a character of your choice using a variety of materials and techniques such as papier-mâché, found objects and recycled materials.

Suitable and adaptable for all ages 4+.

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Workshops can be adapted for schools, festivals and special events to cater for a range of ages.

Do not hesitate to get in touch about any enquiries, bookings or to discuss how we can best tailor workshops to meet any individual needs and areas of study!

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